A Game Designer

Why hire a contract game designer?

Anyone who's been through crunch on a highly-anticipated title knows that the road to Gold Master is fraught with pitfalls. Skilled and focused assistance from external contractors can make the difference between completion and slipped milestones.

At the same time, hiring contract game designers can be a crapshoot. Will the new game designers share the same commitment as in-house personnel? Do they have professional, courteous attitudes? Will they deliver what they promise?

Sparkleworks game designers stand behind our commitment to high quality work. Our references can speak to our refreshing honesty, dedication, attention to detail, and our sense of humor when the days and nights start to blend. Our experience is a good indication of what we bring to the table. We'd be happy to demonstrate.

Our game design specialties

  • Concepts, story, and dialog
  • Scenario and mission creation
  • Detail-oriented implementation of lead designer vision
  • Testing and game analysis
  • Spec documents for features, bosses, music composition, and weapons
  • Voiceover recording session direction
  • Graphic design
  • Logo animations and splash screens
  • Game tutorial development and implementation
  • Manual writing and editing

Kind words some Sparkleworks game design staff have received during their travels

  • "Thanks again for your contributions, and please feel free to keep those ideas flowing." - T.H., CEO, The 3DO Company
  • "Great stuff guys. Thanks a lot!! I appreciate the extra effort... It's the best music design I've seen." - D.F., producer, Green Rogue
  • "Awesome work! You have made everything run a whole lot smoother for the team and myself throughout this project and the previous. Much thanks." - J.W., designer, Godai
  • 4.5 out of 5 - overall rating for Game Developers Conference roundtable created and moderated by David Chang
  • "This is a very interesting idea." - M.D., High Heat Baseball senior producer, about unsolicited game concept document
  • 6.25 out of 7 - rating for "Pros and Cons of a Game Development Career," a 2005 Austin Game Development Institute panel proposed and participated in by Sparkleworks staff. Comments:
    • "Good points to bring back to my students."
    • "Great collection of backgrounds."
    • "Excellent insight into myths versus truths."
    • "WOW! This is another must do every year. Great, practical info."
    • "I really enjoyed the honesty and insight into the industry."