Design samples

Please note that these samples have been compressed and sized down to play over the 'net, and if your connection is slow, they may not play smoothly. For high-resolution samples, please contact us.

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Substance TV graphic design

These wonderfully rich images were developed for different areas of Substance TV, a nationally-distributed DVD magazine.


Game production capabilities

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DVD user interface for Substance TV

The designer for this project created the menus, buttons, organizational scheme, and visual content for DVD navigation.

Thumbnail image of Live Album (wedding slideshow montage animation)

Symbiot user interface design proposal

Symbiot asked us to help them come up with ideas for their product's user interface. They wanted to present more functional information to Chief Technology Officers and system administrators.

These are some of the pages from our proposal.

Symbiot user interface design - Scheme 4

This 3D animation illustrated one design for the user interface described above.

Print and presentations. Websites. Writing. Animations and video.